2018 CTA Awards Innovative Wireless Product of the Year Finalist — EasyIO FW-14

The EasyIO-FW series is a free programmable controller ideal for all kind of applications such as Fan Coils, AHU’s, room applications, stand-alone applications etc. Ideal also for vertical markets such as schools and retail to have extended IO for the FG+ series without any downtime during install as the network can be wireless. This will open definitely the small and medium building market were shorter downtime and save on labor and hardware are key.

The FW-14 has 14 points of I/O and priced to meet most high volume applications and price points. The new FW-14 is a microprocessor based controller consisting of 14 inputs/outputs (I/O) to accommodate general and specific applications featuring SOX, TCOM, FGP2P and BACnet MSTP communication protocols. 14 IOs include, 8 Universal Inputs (UI) supporting current, voltage and resistance based sensor, 2 electrically isolated Digital Outputs (DO) and Analog Outputs supporting current and voltage outputs.

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