Control Network Solutions: SMART Web Based Solutions for Building and Lighting Controls

cns_newfrontiers CNS delivers the world’s first Internet of things (IoT) web-based DALI intelligent lighting control solution, elitedali ensures that live data from every light fixture can be accessed and the lighting controlled from anywhere in the world with internet access.

The only non-North American finalist in its category, CNS has been shortlisted for its unique lighting control solution, elitedali™. Transforming the Niagara building management system into a state of the art lighting control platform, elitedali provides total control and flexibility to the end user over access to their lighting data, system maintenance and any on-going adjustments.

“We are excited to be shortlisted at the 2015 ControlTrends awards, as one of the few European companies shortlisted we are delighted that the innovative offer elitedali presents has been recognised by the ControlTrends community,” adds Mike Welch, Managing Director of CNS.

“As demand and benefits of IoT solutions continues to grow and the drive towards sustainable buildings increases, elitedali is the ideal solution for building managers looking to reduce running costs whilst ensuring future flexibility to adapt and change according to evolving business circumstances. Utilising existing building management system, elitedali requires less components, uses less energy and means building managers can optimise their lighting to improve their building’s energy efficiency in real-time.”

Eric and I traveled to England to visit Mike last year. Click here to see the conversation we had with Mike and Graham Turner.

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