Introducing ControlTrends Awards Nominee: Honeywell WEBS AX

The Honeywell WEBS AX is one of the finalist for the coveted ControlTrends 2012 Best Building Automation Control SystemAward. To introduce the Honeywell WEBS System to the world wide ControlTrends voting community, Honeywell requested that ControlTrends post an Interview from an earlier episode of ControlTrends, ControlTalk. In this episode Honeywell’s Roger Rebennack, who is nominated for two ControlTends Awards, discusses the Honeywell WEBS AX system and Honeywell’s approach to Building Automation Control.

If you think the HoneywellWEBS AX product line deserves the 2012 ControlTrends Awards Best Automation Control System of the Year, register to vote, and we will email you a voting ballot the first week in January. You must register to vote to receive a voting ballot. Please note, we will not share your information with anyone and we will only send you information regarding the ControlTrends Awards.

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