Introducing Tridium’s New Series, Faces of Niagara. This week, Meet Tridium’s CTO John Sublett

john_subTridium is kicking off a new five-part series called Faces of Niagara to introduce you to, and get you inside, the leading minds behind the industry’s only truly open technology platform. Faces of Niagara is the story as told by those who shaped and steered a web-based management system into the technology that today powers the IoT.

This week, meet Tridium’s CTO John Sublett. John is one of the founders of the company and was there for the first Niagara project in 1998. What was once a small startup in Richmond, Va., is now a global leader shaping the future of connected devices and systems.

Niagara, with all of its prominence as an open platform and exciting potential, is made possible by John and the many other Faces of Niagara you’ll meet in the coming weeks.

Excerpt: “Inside a hot and humming mechanical room in Nashville, Tenn., John Sublett sat with a small team on overturned 5-gallon buckets, hunched over PCs. The group of young men at a startup called Tridium was brought in by the client to install a new web-based management system for an industrial chiller plant. The year was 1998.” Click to read John’s chapter of the Niagara story.

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