KMC’S In Touch Newsletter​, Q4 2013

KMC Controls KMC Wins Big in Vegas! Each year, the industry organization, BACnet International, uses the platform of the National Facilities Management and Technology (NFM&T) Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada to recognize outstanding contributions to the BACnet community. And each year, it seems, KMC walks away as a winner in the BACnet “Leaders of the Pack” awards.

For the second time in 4 years, KMC (and a KMC rep) were recognized with top honors. “Best in Show” for the outstanding BACnet project of the year, went to The Bullitt Center of Seattle Washington. KMC representative, Roger Norman of Northwest Automation, was the controls contractor/system integrator for the project and KMC products highlight this landmark facility.

The Bullitt Center is the first commercial building in the U.S. to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge (think LEED on steroids). This 50,000 sq ft space is “off the grid” in every possible sense of that phrase.

Failure is Not an Option: We’ve introduced a new line of ultra-compact, fail-safe actuators that can be used in even very cramped spaces. These petite but powerful direct-coupled actuators provide control for critical dampers or valves in HVAC systems. A minimum torque of 25 (MEP-42xx), 45 (MEP-45xx), or 90 (MEP-49xx) in-lb. is available over the 95° angular rotation. The capacitor-driven fail-safe in this series has many advantages over a traditional spring-return fail safe: •switch-selectable fail-safe direction •easy manual positioning •consistent torque in both powered and fail-safe modes
•smaller size •higher energy efficiency •greater durability •and much lower life-cycle cost. A patent-pending noise reducer provides whisper-quiet operation in both powered and fail-safe modes.

New White Papers: If you haven’t yet visited the Answers & Education section of the KMC public web site, you’re missing out on some great educational information in both web article and white paper format. Both are deigned to bring you quickly up to speed on important topics related to your facility control, automation, and energy savings. We’ve recently added three new white papers to this page of resources. The three new titles include: •BAS Requirements for FDA-Regulated Environments
•Pneumatic to Digital–Open System Conversion •Oh, No! It’s ALIVE! (Or, Do We Really Want Smart Buildings?)

Stay in touch!
Ben H. Dorsey III
Sr. VP of Marketing
LEED Green Associate
KMC Controls, Inc.

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