SMARTCORE’s Complimentary Online Threat Assessment Survey

Helps You Identify Vulnerabilities in Your BAS

Criticality and Threat Assessment

SmartCore will translate your answers to this short survey into a Threat Assessment Scorecard as well as a prescriptive Cyber Risk Mitigation Plan that we can help you implement to strengthen your defense against attacks. Risk mitigation measures may include:

  • Hardware, software or network solutions or modifications
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Protocols
  • Facilitated Education, Change Management and Cultural Shift programs

Instructions & Guidance

  1. While this topic is on the agenda of senior leaders, this survey should be completed by the person accountable for your building(s) operations (typically, a lead engineer). Please forward this to the appropriate person(s) in your organization.
  2. One survey should be completed for each building in your portfolio.
  3. Encourage those completing the survey to provide transparency in their answers. This exercise is meant to expose vulnerabilities so they can be appropriately addressed.

What to Expect

  1. This 16-question survey should take no more that 10-15 minutes to complete.
  2. Within seven days after completing the survey, SmartCore will send you your Threat Assessment Scorecard. Subsequently, a SmartCore representative with contact you to schedule a review of your tailored Cyber Risk Mitigation Plan.
  3. All data will be collected securely and will only be available to a designated representative of your company and your SmartCore Account Executive for the purpose of analyzing the BAS vulnerabilities.


This survey and its contents are the property of SmartCore and cannot be reproduced or redistributed without written or electronic consent from SmartCore. For questions and/or comments, email
About SmartCore SmartCore designs, implements and supports Smart Building solutions. We provide tailored offerings to meet clients’ needs for the following building and technology systems; HVAC, Lighting, Fire-Life Safety, Physical Security, Cyber Security, Voice/Data, Audio/Visual, Digital Signage and Intercom/Paging. The greatest value we provide our clients is integrating all of these systems to provide a single monitoring and control platform. Our fully-licensed team of expert professionals is focused on making our clients’ buildings smarter so that they are more efficient, secure, sustainable, resilient, healthy, productive and easier to maintain.

© SmartCore – 2015

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