Tridium’s Ed Merwin Stops By For A Chat. “Here’s my Problem, How can Technology Fix it?”

This is one-of-a-kind industry insight with Ed Merwin, Director, VYKON Automation Energy Security, and nominee for the 2013 ControlTrends Person of the Year. Ed Merwin is one of the most respected voices in the Building Automation Industry and Ed explains the enormous success of the Niagara Framework. Tridium is a software company that provides building automation services. Often starting at “Here’s my problem, how can technology fix it?” Tridium has emerged as the industry’s great web-enabled integration solution that continues to create a growing ecosystem around the Niagara Framework.

This is the first of many of ControlTrends Love to Listen and Learn (Triple L Podcasts).

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  1. i enjoyed your talk and I really want to attend the summit show in Vegas . but unfortunately i can not afford the ticket . I am wondering if there is a way to attend for free. i can drive up to Vegas from Los Angeles area. please let me know My # 818-472-6205

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