Executive Briefing: Cybersecurity — Points That Need to be Part of the Conversation

MarcPetock By Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing, Lynxspring, Inc. Today’s connected business world means there are thousands of entry points in and out of companies. The truth is that network security does not work as well as we thought.

Hacks, breaches, vulnerabilities, threats we can’t ignore them. They are undesired events. Cyber threats are changing constantly. Threats are targeted, and they continue to get even more targeted. It used to be a virus was thrown out there and whomever it hit, it hit. Now the attackers are going after specific companies and systems trying to steal specific information or cause DoS attacks against specific systems or use networked devices as pivot points to gain access into a business network. In addition, there are many unpatched systems, hackers scanning for vulnerability in systems, and cyber criminals using a variety “things” every day to break into companies. And there are thousands and thousands of exposed, unprotected devices on the Internet that are inviting unwanted persons to come right in.

The topic of cybersecurity is a complex issue. There’s probably no issue that has become more crucial, more rapidly, but is less understood. When it comes to cyber security, understanding the issues, being informed, knowing what the implications are and engaging in dialogues about cyber security are critical. To help conversations here is a link to our new Executive Briefing entitled Cybersecurity. Points That Need to be Part of the Conversation.


Cyber related issues play a growing role within our building networks and systems. They are not immune to attacks. Don’t underestimate the potential for cyber vulnerabilities. It only takes one breach to compromise the whole infrastructure and cause a serious issue. The best way to approach cyber threats is to realize one simple truth: It is not if an attack will happen; it is only when. It is all of our responsibility to take an active role.

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