Meet Bill Dunkleberger and the Blue Ridge Technologies Team

Lights, Camera, Action !
Well Lights and Action for sure when Bill Dunkleberger and the team From Blue Ridge Technologies get involved.
Blue Ridge is known for the unique way they integrate lighting into building automation control systems.
I had a chance to catch up with Bill, the head hancho at Blue Ridge and several of his key people.
They are nominated for six ControlTrends Awards including:
Energy Saving Solution of The Year
Lighting Integration Solution of The Year
Best Technical Support Small Manufacturer: Nick Bare
Best Technical Support Person — Small Manufacturer
The PID Award: Bill Dunkleberger
Executive of The Year Small Manufacturer: Bill Dunkleberger

In this video see what makes Blue Ridge tick and why systems integrators and Owners in the know love Blue Ridge Technologies and their lighting control products.
The voting ends January 19, so if you have not voted yet, click here, and if you like what you see from Bill and the team at Blue Ridge technologies consider giving them your vote.

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