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blue ridgeGet distributed Zone Control with Blue Ridge Technologies’ Zone Control(ZC)! ZC is a UL Listed distributed lighting controller in a compact junction box mounted package. ZC may be scheduled from any BACnet BAS, and it is compatible with all low voltage override switches, occupancy sensors, and light level sensors. ZC is suited for new or existing buildings, and may be scaled from basic to advanced control sequences; including daylight harvesting, load shedding, equipment optimization, and trending.

Zone Control Features:
• UL Listed and Plenum Rated
• BACnet MS/TP communication to BAS network
• Line and low voltage compartment separation
• Switching and 0-10VDC Dimming models available
• Sub network for Satellite Control (SC) and Capacitive Touch Stations (CTS)
• Standard and Extended models available:
– Standard – up to 4 circuits / 8 channels with SC
– Extended – up to 8 circuits / 16 channels with SC
• Micro-USB and Bluetooth (optional) ports for configuration
• Monitor and measure equipment performance:
– Track lamp, ballast, and relay life.
– Track schedule, occupancy sensor, manual control, and daylight harvest savings,

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