Why LED Lighting Might Not Be Your Best Choice: Mike Welch Explains

Thanks again to our friend Mike Welch, from Control Network Solutions UK, for how outstanding thoughts and insights on lighting,lighting control and how to have a smarter building.
CNS is a Niagara AX® Developer, Tridium and Honeywell Partner. It has a successful track record of creating both client specific and off the shelf web based solutions to the SMART buildings control environment world. They are based upon open standards network communication protocols and compatible with the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and demands for “big data” cloud based analytics.

CNS is the creator of the world’s first web DALI intelligent lighting control solution called elitedali™ and EnOcean Ethernet wireless/batteryless device network solution called CNS-Enocean™.

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  1. Great article and video! I agree that LED lighting might not be the best choice to use for some, and because of that reason, it’s best to do research to figure out which option best fits you and your needs before purchasing. Thanks for sharing!

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