Energy 101: Lighting Choices — and the Continuous Effort to End LightLitter

Lighting your household represents about 10% of your monthly energy bill. Using energy saving incandescent bulbs, or light emitting diodes (LED), or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) not only provide you the same level of light that you’re used to, but they will use 75% less energy. If you change 15 old-style bulbs in your house to these energy saving bulbs, you would save around $50.00 a year.

LightLitter1On the other hand, we are losing ground to LightLitter, the term used to cite the wanton waste of energy caused by lights left on when there is no need for them to be on, especially outside building lights, parking lot lights, and street and highway lights. Become aware and sensitive to LightLitter and you will see it everywhere (and you won’t like it). The next time you do see LightLitter, use the information provided above to make a simple guess-calculation on the amount of personal money, taxes, and energy that is being wasted. Very, very fixable.

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  1. The LED lights is what I am putting in my house. You can put your hand on a 75 watt LED light and it is cool to the touch. I will be seeing big energy savings with each light bulb I change. Be energy smart and watch the video.

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