HVAC Control Talk

In an effort to keep things interesting at Controltrends we are introducing a new feature called Control Talk. Control talk will be a video show in which I will be interviewing “really smart” people in the HVAC controls industry. It will be a cross between Stromquist radio and Stromquist TV. Like Stromquist radio Control Talk will be in an interview format but the interviews will be shorter. The show will also include product demonstrations, training and troubleshooting tips similar to what we do on Stromquist TV.

Hopefully, we will bring the best of both these formats together on HVAC Control Talk, in such a way that Control Talk will not only be informative but fun. If this introduction video to Control Talk is any indication you can see we are not taking ourselves to seriously. If we can make you laugh and provide you with useful information then we have done our job.

Stay tuned for the first episode of Control Talk at controltrends-update.mystagingwebsite.com

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