Learn about RIBs and Half-Lights

Functional Devices, makers of the RIB (relay in a box), will be at Stromquist on Thursday, February 24 to conduct a lunch and learn.  If you are in the Atlanta area, please join us for a free lunch and learn about various types of relays (including open protocol relays), power supplies, and their new Half-Light, an energy saving lighting device. 

The Two Stage Half-Light is designed for a 2-ballast, 4 lamp fixture where each ballast controls two lamps. Within this configuration, an initial toggle “on” of the wall switch activates only one ballast to produce 50% light; by toggling the switch “off” then “on” again, both ballasts will be activated to deliver full light output. The sequence can be easily restarted by holding the switch in the “off” mode for at least 5 seconds.  This is just one of the Half-Light models available.  To learn more click here or come to our Lunch and Learn on the 24th.

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