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We are happy to announce that we have training classes scheduled for Winter/Spring of 2012.  (Is it just me or does it seem odd to see 2012 already?)  We will be hosting 2 Chiller classes in Florida: one in Clearwater and one in Orlando.  In Atlanta we will once again be offering Chiller, Pneumatics and VAV classes.

January 17 & 18 – Chiller, Orlando

January 19 & 20 – Chiller, Clearwater

February 1 & 2 – Chiller, Atlanta

April 17 & 18 – Pneumatics, Atlanta

April 19 & 20 – VAV, Atlanta

The Chiller class focuses on basic operations, maintenance and troubleshooting of chilled water systems. Topics will include basic refrigeration cycle of water chillers; design and overall operation of chilled water systems; refrigerant types, handling and record keeping; pumps and piping systems; chiller plant optimization; and chiller math and log analysis.

In the Pneumatics class you will work hands-on with pneumatic equipment to learn the fundamentals of pneumatic controls. The course will cover limit controls, P.E. switches, solenoid valves, relays, thermostats, valve and damper operations.

In the VAV class you will set up ductwork and connect to actual VAV boxes and practice on the equipment, given hypothetical problems by the instructor. This class will cover air velocity formulas, CFMs, and static pressures.

Click here  or on the Training Classes tab above to register for any of these classes.  If you need more information, you can e-mail




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One Response

  1. Would have two for either Feb 1 or 2nd. Will call you on Friday to see if you have space for either.
    Tell Tim hello for me.
    Emmet Riddick
    1st Mechanical

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