Maxitrol Gas Pressure Regulator Training Class

Check out the Maxitrol Certification Gas Pressure Regulator Class that was held at Stromquist & Company earlier this month.

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Stromquist & Company stocks Maxitrol Gas Pressure regulators and can meet all your gas pressure regulator needs.

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3 Responses

  1. Great video that has helped my understanding of regulators tremendously. Especially the part about the gas “burps” from meters and why we occasionally smell gas.

    Please post the written materials that were given as handouts. It would be great to have those PDFs as well.

    I think I can honestly say I understand this stuff now much more than our HVAC contractor!


  2. My name is John Gehr I work with the Department of Defense (USAF), Water Fuels System Maintence Shop out in California we maintain Natural Gas reguators. I would like all information on Certification Gas Pressure Regulator Class.

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