Chiller Classes at Stromquist & Company: Meet the Instructor

For those of you who do not know, Stromquist & Company now offers a two day chiller class. The first class is full and we have added two more chiller classes. The next Atlanta class is scheduled for Nov 2,3 and a Tampa class will be held Oct 11-12 so let’s meet your instructor.

His name is Tim Chamblee. In addition to being Stromquist & Company’s newest employee he has an impressive background in the HVAC industry. Check this video out on Tim to learn more about your chiller class instructor and the wonderful resource that is now available at Stromquist & Company.

Have a question on your chiller or on your HVAC equipment? Send your questions to
Tim will be doing a blog on Controltrends called “In the field with Tim” in which he will post your questions and answers on Controltrends.

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