Live Rewind: How to Measure Energy in Smart Buildings

Stromquist & Company’s, Tim Chamblee, who is also one of the best trainers in the HVAC industry, breaks down different ways to measure energy in smart buildings in this replay of a live stream training. Video does not actually start until about 10 minutes in, so be sure to skip forward.

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy use and contribute towards 30% of the total CO2 emissions. The drive to reduce energy consumption and associated greenhouse gas emissions from buildings has acted as a catalyst in the increasing installation of meters and sensors for monitoring energy use and indoor environmental conditions in buildings.

Although electric metering is most common, metering gas and water are also critical. A product like the Belimo Energy Valve can give you the best of all worlds, in that it is a very percise control valve but also meters BTU’s and GPM.
In addition it is important to meter indoor air quality.

Full service distributors like Stromquist & Company or CGNA controls distributors cam help access and provide meters for buildings.

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