Wattstopper LIve Event….. Feedback…….Please

As near as we can tell about half of the people who clicked into the Wattstopper Live Event today reported a good experience (good video,audio, and great content). The other half either could not get the feed to load or got dropped out during the broadcast and were not able to get back on.

To the people that had trouble or were not able to get the feed please except our sincere apologies. I recorded most of the webcast on another camera and will get the class posted soon.

It appears that the streaming data provider we are using is not reliable. I would be most appreciative if any of our viewers could recommend a good streaming data provider. Also, any feedback you can provide will be most appreciated. It is our goal to provide the very best training classes, like the Wattstopper class today, live via the internet.

Again, my apologies for anyone who could not get on the webcast today and thank you for your support of ControlTrends.

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