HVAC Secret Handshake of the Week

Like most great societies, the HVAC industry has it’s secret handshake. However,since we are such an incredible industry and thanks to our friends at the Dap APP we are fortunate enough to have more than one secret handshakes. In fact there are over one hundred!!
This one is called the “Park it in the garage” dap.
The first person to come into the Stromquist counter in either Atlanta or Florida and perform the secret handshake of the week with their Stromquist counter person after placing or picking up an order will win a Terralux LightStar 300 flashlight. So checkout how to do the “park it in the garage”

Our mission at Control trends is to give you “Control News you can use” but what use is that if you do not know the secret handshake? Check back weekly to learn all 108 Secret Handshakes and win really cool prizes while being really cool.

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