New findings in the origin of the second HVAC secret handshake

Based on this photo that I received today it would appear that the origin of the second secret handshake is not Pittsburgh, Minnesota, or Milwaukee but Chicago. Dave Gottfred of the Gottfred clan, and the prodigious G & O Thermal Supply in Chicago was caught on camera doing secret handshake #2.

G & O is a master distributor for Honeywell, Johnson, Belimo and other HVAC and building automation controls and it makes one wonder if their success might be attributed to ancient HVAC traditions and secrets like the handshakes that have been passed down through the ages.
Did this handshake originate in Chicago ? Or some other place like Pittsburgh as I indicated in my last post ?

The Smyers company out of Pittsburgh is not only known for great customer service and products but many believe that secret handshake #2 was their family’s creation. Until we get photographic evidence to the contrary the nod goes to G & O Thermal.
Controltrends is your source for this and other HVAC mysteries. We will keep you posted.

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