The Second HVAC Secret Handshake Revealed

Ok for those of you who have mastered the first secret hvac handshake it is time for you to
move on to the second secret handshake know as the “camp fire

Rumor has it this handshake was orginated many moons a go in the great north country. Old timers at Honeywell say it started in Minnesota with HVAC mystics working in boiler rooms on Honeywell Flame safeguard controls.

The folks at Johnson Controls disagree saying the “camp fire” was invented by the wizards at Johnson Controls in Milwaukee at the same time the Johnson one pipe pneumatic thermostat came into existence.

Many say distant relatives of Dave Gottfred and Bill Oberheide of G & O Thermal started this secret handshake in Chicago.

Some say it was not the Gottred’s or Oberheide’s but the Smyers family out of Pittsburgh who started this tradition. It is said that to this day Tom, Dave, Kenny, and Jesse Smyers identify key customers with this ancient secret handshake.

One thing is for sure if you go North you better master the “camp fire” if you want any respect in the northern HVAC community.

If you are the first to come to the Stromquist Counter in either Georgia or Florida to place or pick up and order and perform the first two hvac secret handshakes you will win a really cool prize.
Send your secret handshake photos and videos to and we will post them on controltrends.

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