A look at Siemens

Over the years Control Trends has given you a look at various manufactures of controls and their products. I came across this video the other day that is quite unique in it’s own rite. And you know, it’s time to give Siemens some good old Control Trends Love… We know them… we sell them now let’s look into Siemens a little deeper.


In the HVAC world Siemens supplies Thermostats, Sensors, Controllers, Valves, Damper Actuators, VFDs, Switches and Realys, and so much more. In the future I will be bringing to you (being an old boiler guy) a look at the Siemens controls that deal with the boiler side of our industry. But for now enjoy the “primer” and let’s give Siemens the love they deserve.





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  1. When I went to Siemens PPCL programing School. I was able to walk the processing plant and see all the cool parts. It was very interesting place to be in. Nice post

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