30 Minutes with Lynxspring – The New BACnet to Haystack Data Pump

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.43.48 AMThe next “30 Minutes with Lynxspring”, our monthly webinar series featuring Lynxspring subject-matter experts and special guests, is scheduled for Wednesday, March 16th at 12:00 PM CDT. March’s “30 Minutes with Lynxspring” will look at our new BACnet to Haystack Data Pump.

With the number of and variety of equipment, sensors, devices and building automation systems that are available to connect to, the amount of building data available has increased considerably. But the challenge lies in how to manage and get useful information out of the data especially as these data sets often come with various formats, naming conventions, and syntaxes.

While the potential for using data to improve energy and operational efficiencies is significant, the difficulty of organizing and understanding the data can be challenging. It’s one thing to have access to data; it’s another to make it actionable. While data can be technically available, one of the challenges of working with data is it can be very hard to organize and use across different applications. It is stored in different formats, has inconsistent naming conventions and lacks information to describe what it means. Many companies struggle with the data, despite their best efforts.

To address this, Lynxspring, has created the Onyxx™ BACnet to Haystack Data Pump. Streamlining the interchange of data from BACnet devices and building and systems, The Onyxx™ BACnet to Haystack Data Pump provides BACnet to Haystack network communication and data exchange. This edge device handles the protocol translation, translating BACnet points to manageable Haystack points. Acting as a BACnet client device, the Onyxx™ Data Pump manages all BACnet/IP, BACnet/Ethernet or BACnet MSTP devices connected to it.

This session, presented by Shawn Jacobson, Director of Application Development for Lynxspring, looks at this new offering and will include an in-depth demonstration.

When: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Time: 12:00 PM CDT

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Please contact us if you have any questions. Call Toll Free: 877-649-5969 or send an email to: marketing@lynxspring.com.

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Marc Petock, Vice President Marketing
Lynxspring, Inc.
marc.petock@lynxspring.com | Phone: 877-649-5969

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