ControlTrends: Ken and Eric Interview Jim Young at the Close of Realcomm IBcon 2013

Jim Young is very much like the lead character from the Dan Brown novels: Professorial, dynamic, incredibly smart, and a nice guy. At the close of Realcomm 2013 (15th year) and IBCON (2nd year) the once indefinable and uncrossable chasm of what the smart, intelligent, connected, high-performance building looks like and how it operates has been nearly crossed. The automation and technology are here; now it’s 1000% about the people and industry transformation. The rules are being broken; new job descriptions, new job titles, and the new skill sets are emerging, representing significant opportunities. Executive leadership is being challenged to fix the organizational issues and middle management must break down the barriers between their departments. Jim Young described this chasm many, many years ago, and has served relentlessly as one the most formidable visionaries leading the way across.

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