Dave Lorenzini: Google Glass, at Realcomm 2013 “Welcome to a World Through Glass”

Dave-Lorenzini-NewDave Lorenzini, Google Glass. The “Welcome to a World Through Glass” served as an appropriate future-now primer for the Realcomm general assembly, as did the fascinating aerial view of a city’s Real Estate status, which left little doubt that Google Glass will be soon augmenting and shaping our view of the world.

Driven to change the way people look at the world, Dave Lorenzini is an augmented reality expert working to create the next net, right, before our eyes. As Founder and CEO of ARc, he leads a global development firm that delivers ground breaking apps and platforms, advancing the art, science and business of AR. Other work includes game changing simulation, gaming and global visualization companies, including Keyhole.com, online today as “Google Earth” with over a billion users worldwide, CubeCities.com, the first 3D map platform specifically designed for the augmented era and GlasswareFoundry.com. (Biography Source: AWE 2013)

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