Realcomm IBCON 2013: Thornton May — A Futurist’s Perspective of the REvolution

Thornton May at RealCommRealcomm kicked-off this year’s conference with Thornton May as its keynote speaker. A renown futurist, author, and global educator, Thornton May has been labeled by Fast Company as “one of the top 50 brains in business.” His peers view him as a consummate thought leader and innovative thinker. As the photo illustrates, Mr. May fully engaged the Realcomm IBCON attendees several times with group exercises to demonstrate pattern recognition and redirected energy.

Mr. May used the acronym “SMAC” to represent the four disruptive forces firmly upon us: Social Media, Mobile APPs, Big Data Analytics, and the Cloud, urging the potent leadership present to consider the “Era Aware” question: “Did the People Living in the Middle Ages KNOW They were Living in the Middle Ages?” and to take action now, because the “Early Days Won’t Last Forever.”

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