2015 ControlTrends Award Thermostat of the Year Nominee Entouch

The 2015 Thermostat of the Year is proving to be very competitive again this year. With strong contenders like Honeywell, Viconics, KMC, Ontrol, Ecobee and Siemens, the ControlTrends voting community is going too have some interesting choices.

One of our finalist Entouch brings and interesting approach to their thermostat system. In this video Stromquist & Company’s Dozier Mills shows you how you can do energy monitoring through the Entouch thermostat using the Entouch GM 8 module.

Voting ends January 15, so is you have not already voted click here.

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One Response

  1. Entouch One WIFI, LAN or GSM is the only Thermostat on the market that connects internally wireless to Energy Monitor GM8 , Lighting Controls with 4 zones and RSM remote sensor with 4 inputs. You see all your devices on the same Web portal. This is my vote for Thermostat of the Year.

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