Belimo Introduces New ENERGY VALVE

While at the AHR Expo one vendor I wanted to see was Belimo.

Belimo has announced thier new ENERGY VALVE is to be released soon and I wanted to see the new valve.









The new Belimo ENERGY VALVE will allow flexability never allowed to the building owner/contractor to optimize coil and thus system performance.

Based on the popular Belimo CCV valves Belimo has now included Electromagnetic Flow sensors, Return and Supply water Sensors, along with Advanced Control options with the Belimo Delta T Manager included with the valves. BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP network communications are also included in the valve setup.

Now you can accurately and automaticly control flow  through the flow sensors and Delta T through the temperature sensors based on your needs and desires.

The ENERGY VALVE will help detect and address problems that commonly impact coil performance like:

Coil degradation due to fouling and scale

Improperly sized coils

Poor valve authority in under or onerflow of the coil

Changes made elsewhere in the system that frequently impact other circuits which are inherently interactive.

Belimo’s new ENERGY VALVE is exciting new technology. For more information and availabilty call TEAM STROMQUIST at 1-800-241-9471.

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