Heating Up on Cold Days

Here in Atlanta we’re not accustomed to much snow and ice, but for the past two days most of the metro area has been shut down due to a blanket of snow that was subsequently covered by a thick sheet of ice. 

During these cold days heat sources are working extra hard to keep us warm, and sometimes they break down.  That’s where Stromquist can help.  In addition to stocking a large range of boiler controls, we also have heating controls such as igniters, restring kits, fusible links, gas valves and more. 

One such product we have in stock is Honeywell’s Q3200U Universal Hot Surface Igniter Kit that was designed to be a service replacement igniter in gas fired appliances with Norton/St Gobain 120 VAC silicon carbide hot surface igniters. The Q3200U uses a 120 volt silicon nitride igniter design with long life and high resistance to damage or burn out in the appliance. The kit includes the specially designed silicon nitride igniter and six different bracket configurations, along with accessory parts to allow mounting and wiring the igniter.

If you have questions about this product or any other boiler or heating controls we may stock, call us at 404-794-3440 or visit us at www.stromquist.com.

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