How to Install an EnTouch Wireless Thermostat

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    Built in WiFi, Ethernet, or Cellular data communications
    Built in gateway communicates between devices in building
    Patent-pending HVAC control features reduce run time and energy across multiple HVAC systems
    High resolution color touchscreen display
    Supports multiple stage heating and cooling
    Intelligent fan modes to control comfort and humidity
    Internal temperature and humidity sensors
    Configurable support for external temperature sensor
    Fully programmable 7 day scheduling with occupancy modes
    365 day calendar support for special events and extended hold
    Built in security features limit local user adjustments to temperatures and settings
    Configurable outputs support humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilators, and other devices
    Mappable inputs connect to CO2 sensors, motion detectors, security systems, and other devices
    3 years factory warranty.

    Entouch WiFi and LAN devices are getting an upgrade in March 2013 with 1 ea. (AI) analog input and 1 ea. (AO) analog output.

    Entouch New points to controls a 0v to 10v output to an actuator damper.
    This will also work on a multi-zone VFD AHU with (AI) for DP and the (AO) to control the VFD speed with 0v to 10v signal.
    You will have S1 and S2 sensors that you can use 10K Type 1, 2 or 3 or 20K Type 4 sensors. This mean the sensor already installed can be used.

    December 17, 2012 the Entouch LAN device was upgrade that lets you set it in slave mode for connecting up 10 ea. Entouch LAN using Zigbee and not using up your networks bandwidth

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