Two Minute Product Review: ACI A/TUCH Temperature and Humidity Display

Looking for an affordable temperature and humidity LCD display ? ACI’s has an answer with their new A/TUCH.

“The microprocessor-based A/TUCH Room Unit combines temperature and relative humidity space monitoring, with a temperature or relative humidity setpoint function, into one wall-mount package. The temperature output can be configured to have a resistance signal or standard analog output signals.

The A/TUCH Room Unit uses the same technology as the A/RH series for its relativity humidity sensor. Both the temperature and relative humidity functions can be adjusted in the field using single-point offsets,the temperature in 0.5° (F or C) steps and the relative humidity in 0.5% RH steps.

The A/TUCH Room Unit supports one setpoint function that can be configured for either temperature or relative humidity. The setpoint output is available in configurable resistance spans, or using one of the standard analog output signals. An override function can be configured to short the temperature output or the setpoint output. Additionally, the override can be configured as a dry contact signal. An optional override-acknowledge input uses a feedback signal from the Building Automation System to indicate the occupied mode on the LCD.”

If you are in Georgia or Florida the control pros at Stromquist & Company can help you with all your temperature, humidity, and HVAC control needs including the ACI A/TUCH. If you are in another part of the country one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America can hook you up with an ACI A/TUCH temperature and humidity display.

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