WattStopper’s Product Selection Guide (PSG) Vital Product and Code Information at Your Fingertips

wattstopper-image-01WattStopper’s Product Selection Guide (PSG) includes vital information about every product WattStopper offers. ◦ Easy-to-use softbound publication, 544 full color pages ◦ Complete product cut sheets for every lighting control product from Digital Lighting Management to Lighting Control Panels, Occupancy Sensors to Vacancy Sensors, Daylighting Controls to Wireless Lighting Controls ◦ Energy code information ◦ Lighting control strategies ◦ Design and application information ◦ Lighting control resources and services

4 facts to help you navigate WattStopper’s Product Selection Guide

1. Not sure which products are ideal for your project? View product matricies at the beginning of each section.

2. View Section C for everything sensors.

3. Check out DLM on A3 to drive to your own net zero future.

4. Save even with the lights on? You can with WattStopper dimmers. Turn to Section F.

If you haven’t already, order a copy of the product selection guide or download the electronic version for free! You can also access our handy PSG from your iPad or iPhone.

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