Big Data Gets Bigger: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

BigDataDo you really want to reveal what your portrait looks like in bits and bytes? Is your concern about protecting your social security number the same thing as your concern about protecting your consumption habits. Do you think you are able to sense when your behavior is being evaluated by a program then directed or modified? Is the separation of corporation, self, and statistics possible anymore?

The Good: The facts are pouring in and this helpful Big Data @ Work is provided by IBM and it illustrates some of the more significant benefits.

The Bad: It also makes a good case for “antism,” which I just made up to explain the crushing feeling of being made to feel insignificant as an ant tracked through its nest — down to its last penny.

The Ugly: Is there a civic obligation to be public with your life-style or are these information X-rays privacy pillaging? How is this aggregation of information to be managed? Is anyone, any thing, or any agency capable of standing up to or managing this Big Data tsunami securely — and do the larger “benefits” outweigh the personal ignominy? Finally, should we welcome or resist becoming living data — scanned and datafied? As if being a number wasn’t bad enough.

Let’s review some of the big picture:


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