CALL FOR PARTICIPAN​TS–Smart Grid Interopera​bility Panel (SGIP) Priority Action Plan (PAP) 21: Harmonized Weather Informatio​n Model

SGIPHOW HARMONIZED WEATHER DATA CAN BENEFIT THE ENERGY INDUSTRY! How Two-Way Exchange of Weather Data Can Bring Efficiencies and Cost Savings to Utility Operations. CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS–KICKOFF INFORMATIONAL VIRTUAL MEETING: Thursday, February 13, 2014, 1:00-2:30 pm ET. Hosted by: Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Priority Action Plan (PAP) 21: Harmonized Weather Information Model

This SGIP-hosted virtual meeting will describe the issue of divergent weather information models and standards and their impact on the energy industry. It will also outline the planned direction for the development of the requirements for a harmonized weather information model with a specific application to Smart Grid. This virtual meeting is open to all interested parties to become acquainted with the SGIP PAP-21 project and provide input. Register to attend and receive information by sending an email to Billie Zidek.

WHO SHOULD PARTICIPATE: Utilities Operations Managers, Service Providers of Weather Data, Users of Weather Data, Software Developers, Business Development and Business Process Managers, Standards Developers from organizations such as ASHRAE, OASIS, IEC and WMO; and Government Agencies such as NOAA, FAA, NIST, DoD, DoE, and EPA.

WHY PARTICIPATE: There is a need for a common information model for weather information which enables a robust ecosystem for exchange of weather data between government and many industry sectors, especially the energy industry, building management industry, and aerospace industry. Several standards exist for the exchange of weather information across many industries (energy management, utilities, emergency services, etc.). Multiple standards organizations work in their own space and develop a weather information model without consideration of how the information will be used by other segments, which results in uncoordinated and hard to interconvert designs. Business models that incorporate the exchange of weather data are at least in part affected by the complexity and cost of acquiring and the need for inter-conversion of weather data. Many existing and potential services can benefit from the simplified exchange of weather information.

GOAL: PAP-21 will prepare requirements for harmonized standards for bi-directional exchange of weather information created in WMO, IEC, OASIS, & ASHRAE and other identified standards organizations with a specific application to the Smart Grid

One of the key values that SGIP offers in developing harmonized models among diverse stakeholders is providing a neutral forum where participants from many different stakeholder categories can collaborate and overcome parochial interests toward a broader collaboration which benefits all parties. The best way to create useable results is to create a solution addressing the union of requirements where each major stakeholder can see its needs met and an elegant result achieved.

For more information on the project, please contact Dr. Martin Burns at (301)315-9101 or Susan Hoyler, Director, Technical Operations, SGIP at (941)321-3027.

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