Ecobee at AHR Expo

If you saw my post from the AHR Expo in Dallas, you know that I was blown away by the enormity of it. If you have not had the privilege of attending one, I highly recommend that you try to do so in the future.  And plan on spending a few days there.  Believe me, it will take that long to see everything.  When my colleagues and I went, we had a limited amount of time, so we had to squeeze in as much as possible very quickly.  Luckily Sean was able to shoot some video footage with a few of our vendors.

Ecobee manufactures a great line of thermostats for residential and commercial use.  There’s a reason why they call it a  Smart Thermostat. For one thing, it’s internet enabled through WiFi so that you can easily monitor and manage your comfort. It’s also a smart way to save money and reduce your environmental impact. Check out Sean’s video and see what Ecobee had to show at the Expo.

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