Honeywell Commercial Dampers

Choosing dampers can be a mind boggling experience, but once you have an understanding of the basics and a few well asked questions, your needs can be quickly and expertly filled using Honeywell Commercial Dampers.

The first Honeywell Commercial Damper we will look at is the D series of rectangular dampers. The D series is broken down into 3 types the D1, the D2, and, you guessed it, the D3 series. Here are the basics.

D1… ultra low leakage design based at 6cfm @ 4”wc with a velocity rating of 2500-4000 fpm. The blade seals are silicone and the jamb seals are 304 stainless steel.

D2…low leakage design based at 10cfm @ 4”wc with a velocity rating of 2000-3000fpm. The blade seals are extruded vinyl and the jamb seals are 304 stainless steel.

D3…low leakage design based at 120cfm @4”wc with a velocity rating of 2000-3000fpm. These dampers do not have blade seals or jamb seals.

All the rectangular dampers can be fully optioned and sized depending on the client’s needs.

Competitive comparisons:

D1…Ruskin CD60 and the Greenheck VCD33

D2…Ruskin CD36/46

D3…Ruskin CD35 and the Greenheck VCD20

Note: Actuators for the rectangular dampers can be sized by knowing the proper torque needs for the actuator. The formula is:  damper size (length X width) X rated torque multiplier X safety factor = Actuator in-lb torque requirements.

Commercial Round Dampers from Honeywell are available from 6” to 16” with or without actuators.

The D690 series is without actuator, and the DM7600 series come mounted with a Honeywell actuator with a 90 second timing and a 2-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA  ( Honeywell ML7161) or SPDT Floating (Honeywell ML6161) series actuator.

If you are a Stromquist customer located in Georgia or Florida  and you need help sizing or ordering a commercial damper you can contact Stromquist and Company at or call us at 1-800-241-9471. All others can order this product from one of our affiliates at CGNA.

For competitive prices and great service the HVAC and building automation control pros trust Stromquist @ Company

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