Robertshaw Universal Ignition Kits Solve Flame Failure! The Sarah Connor Controls Chronicles

Flame failure!   It is bound to happen, but when it does, a Robertshaw Universal Ignition Kit is what the system needs.  You know the drill; something happens to make the pilot light go out, and wow, the gas needs to be cut off to the main burner, or BAM! And even I, Sarah Connor, am adverse to large explosions.  If you are in a situation where you need to replace a Robertshaw or even a Johnson Control or Honeywell part in a one or two-rod system, consider installing the Robertshaw Universal Ignition Kit.  These Uni-Kits feature a new flame sense feature that detects a two-rod remote system, or falls back to a one-rod local system automatically.  It uses the existing pilot assembly, and if one system fails, it will default to the other system.  Best of all, it is a one-part solution, reducing the inventory cost and space on the truck!


Select the 780-001 when the situation calls for non-lockout.  In the event of flame failure, the gas to the main burner will be cut off, and then the spark will repeat until the pilot gas is ignited.  Gas will only be returned to the main burner once the pilot is reestablished.


If the situation calls for a complete lockout of all gas to the system after the pilot fails to reestablish, then select the 780-002.  The system will attempt to ignite the pilot three times, 60 seconds for each attempt with a five-minute delay between ignition attempts.  After three failures, all gas to the system will go into a 60-minute lockout that can be reset at the thermostat.


Installation is easy with the step-by-step instructions including wiring details for every possible Robertshaw, Honeywell, or Johnson Controls replacement. Download the complete reference by clicking here.  And the system checklist assures that the kit is installed safely and correctly.  Best of all, the troubleshooting guide is a great reference.  All you need is a volt/ohmmeter and the wiring diagram, and it will walk you through the solution to five common problems.


Turn to the Robertshaw Universal Ignition Kit for the one-part solution when the furnace or boiler experiences flame failure.

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  1. Currently cursing my new Robertshaw 780-002 because it does not replace my sp735L as so cavalierly advertised. My blower will not shut off. I would have been Ok with

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