WattStopper AX Integration: Digital Lighting Management Video Overview

WattStopper Segment Manager The situation is known all to well: Office buildings are the number one user of energy in the Commercial Sector accounting for 19% of the energy consumption. Integrators have a great AX tool to manage this gargantuan consumption. The Niagara AX driver module for Digital Lighting Managment (DLM) streamlines BACnet device and point discovery for Niagara integrators. The driver is a standard Niagara AX .JAR file, named “segmentmanager.jar”, that is compatible with any Niagara AX station v3.4 or later. The AX driver module supports both BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP LAN s and includes product-specific icons to represent DLM lighting controls in the object tree.

The United States consumes approximately 20% of the world’s energy consumption, higher than any other country. The Commercial sector including office buildings, education facilities, retail establishments, etc., consumes approximately 18% of the total U.S energy consumption.

DLM Motivation: Lighting in office buildings, consumes approximately 25% or about 82 billion kWh of the total energy, second only to space heating. This equates to 6.8kWh/sq ft . Computer and office equipment combined account for approximately 10% of the energy consumption which represents 31 billion kWh annually equaling 2.6kWh/sq ft.

DLM Applications: The Niagara AX driver is the ideal solution for any DLM network project with a 3rd party JACE. Adding a network to a DLM room that is already operating with a code-compliant sequence of operations provides additional functionality. Options include power monitoring of both lighting and plug load controllers, following the occupancy sensor detection state for selected rooms, and remote configuration of parameters including sensitivity and time delay. DLM sequences of operation can also be modified via a schedule, so that sensor and load operation change after hours to save more energy.

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