Honeywell Announces the New AX3-PPC Programmable Plant Controller

Honeywell 180x120Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of the AX3-PPC programmable plant controller, which is ideal for controlling and monitoring a building system including HVAC equipment, lighting and meters. The AX3-PPC programmable plant controller, which is a Java based controller/server, is a bundled product consisting of a WEB-300E controller paired with an IO-34-H module that provides 34 points for local control. This controller is specially licensed for up to five (5) remote devices that can be integrated to the controller via Lon, BACnet or Modbus. In total, the AX3-PPC can integrate up to a maximum of 150 points.


Features Benefits: Requires AX-3.8 or higher, with same processor & memory as WEB-300E; Ideal controller for HVAC, lighting & meters, ready for Niagara 4.0; Bundled product of WEB-300E and IO-H-34 module

Competitive Programmable Plant Controller with Standard Niagara features – web UI, email, alarming, enterprise connectivity; Web user Interface serves rich graphical displays & live data to any browser; Pre-licensed with BACnet, Lon and Modbus drivers Control & Monitor Building Management Systems

Specific License which limits capacity by points & Driver
• Maximum of 150 points, including Proxy points
• Maximum of 5 remote devices via LON, BACnet & Modbus
• JAVA heap is limited to 24 MB – cannot be expanded to 96MB

Ideal for Medium to Large Plant Control applications
• 16 Universal Inputs
• 10 relay Outputs
• 8 Analog Outputs

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