WattStopper Introduces the LC8 Modular Contractor Panel = Lights Out to Energy Waste!

Watt Stopper
Watt Stopper

This versatile panel provides simple control to indoor and outdoor lighting. Contractors are going to love the new WattStopper LC8 modular panel, which provides cost-effective lighting control solutions and is ideal for small stand-alone retail projects, libraries or bank buildings, controlling lobbies, corridors, public spaces, even exteriors of larger buildings.

LC8-Contractor-PanelWith interchangeable single-pole and double-pole relay modules, the LC8 panel allows installers to quickly configure customized control solutions from just three standard off-the-shelf products. It accommodates up to four relay modules, with any combination of two different types of module. Choices include a dual single-pole 120/277 VAC relay module and a single double-pole 208/240/480 VAC relay module.

WattStopper’s new LC8 panel is a price leader in its category. Modular design facilitates quick, easy configurations, and modular expansion necessary for successful applications. Visit here for more information.

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