See What Makes the Honeywell RedLINK So Cool!!!

DavidWitherspoonThanks to our knowledgeable and multi-talented friend David Witherspoon, the ControlTrends Community can see just how cool, powerful, and flexible the Honeywell RedLINK System is. Great video David!

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3 Responses

  1. Hi Eric ,
    In the UK there is a shortage of engineers and only people who are helping the industry advance through colleges are innotech controls and North building controls please could I offer some support by offering Uxbridge College some advice by speaking to Z khan who is head of the engineering department .we need more engineers who would like to become controls specialists .Once again I say that the UK is really behind in training and educating people thanks for reading .

  2. Hi ERIC ,
    Just wondering do you think Triduim controls is the number one leader in building controls and lastly do you think that the industry should be helping small contractors by buying standalone equipment ? because we have been asking Trend Controls to do that for years because Engineers would like to buy American automatrix and Trend controls off the counter like ready steady go but the industry in the UK haven’t yet cottoned on that there are more Mechanical and electrical specialists more so than there is controls specialists .Recruitment agencies don’t really take up much active responsibility like in America together with HAVC wholesalers .please can you help .have a great weekend .

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