Testo Handheld Refrigerant Leak Detector

It’s that time of year again when the hum of air conditioning units  fills the hot air. It’s also the time that many people realize they need a service call because the a/c just isn’t cooling.  One of the first things checked is the refrigerant level to see if there is a leak.   Every technician needs a refrigerant leak detector, and at Stromquist we recommend Testo’s 316 Refrigerant Leak Detector. 

Testo’s highly accurate and reliable refrigerant leak detector is the only modular leak detector for all standard refrigerants and ammonia (it easily converts to ammonia detection by swapping out the sensor).  The sensor status is monitored continuously and alerts the user to malfunctions or contamination.  Technicians can save time that is usually wasted taking sample leak tests. If the sensor is dirty, it can be electronically cleaned and then is immediately ready for use. When a leak is detected, the display changes from green to red and provides an audible alarm. Testo also provides and earplug to hear the alarm in loud surroundings.

The unit has an adjustable sensitivity to help pinpoint leaks and has a 14.5″ flexible gooseneck to help with optimum positioning of the sensor.  The sensitivity is calibrated to R134a, R22, R12 R404a and Hydrogen.  It detects CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs (including 410a) and blended refrigerants, and the response time is less than one second. The solid-state sensor technology is backed by a 2-year warranty.

For more information on this or any other Testo product, visit www.testo.com.  If you are in Georgia or Florida and would like to purchase any Testo products, call Stromquist at 800-241-9471

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