This TV Commercial Changes Everything

I saw this commercial on TV last night. Great commercial, but does it change everything in terms of how vendors could go to market? How will this effect how products get to the marketplace? How does this affect your business? Please share your thoughts in comments.

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3 Responses

  1. That is an awesome commercial and shows voice control is the future.
    I like to see them get my 10 PC drums set to appear that fast. LOL

  2. Wrong distribution channel. What about distributors/contractors???? Whats next??? Walmart Controls? WalGreens Surgery???? Who needs the hospital.
    The residential distributors/contractors could benefit and generate a lot of business with this particular product!!!

    Cool technology! Major potential. Needs further development in other aspects of use!!!!

    We are seeing more and more products go directly to the consumers and by passing the distributors/contractors these days. But what can we do about it????

    I prefer voice commanded women to change my set point anyway 🙂 Just kidding lady’s


  3. By going public via TV commercials, I see this only as a marketing ploy for Honeywell to re-capture lost market from the NEST t’stat. However, I believe it will be opening up a BIG bucket of worms for the contractor market vs the direct retail sales market.

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