High Accuracy for Differential Pressure

For high accuracy differential pressure readings, use Dwyer’s Magnehelic® gage. Using Dwyer’s simple, frictionless Magnehelic® gage m2000_picovement, it quickly indicates positive, negative (vacuum) or differential pressures – guaranteed within 2% of full scale. The design resists shock, vibration and over-pressures, and there is no manometer fluid to evaporate, freeze or cause toxic or leveling problems.

The Magnehelic® gage is the industry standard to measure fan and blower pressures, filter resistance, air velocity, furnace draft, pressure drop across orifice plates, liquid levels with bubbler systems and pressures in fluid amplifier or fluidic systems. It also checks gas-air ratio controls and automatic valves, and monitors blood and respiratory pressures in medical care equipment.

No matter what your application, you can trust Dwyer for high accuracy and great results. These and other Dwyer products are available at Stromquist and other CGNA members.

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