Microsoft’s Darrell Smith and Eric Stromquist Live at IBCON Bootcamp 2013

Control Trends’ interview with Darrell Smith, Director of Facilities & Energy at Microsoft was one of the highlights of IBCON 2013. Darrell’s compelling presentation featured mega-sized results in a mega-sized application that now collects 500,000,000 data transactions every 24 hours from 125 buildings that occupy 15 million square feet and house 57,000 people. All the data is in the cloud and secure.

Equally impressive was the 18 month ROI that did not include rebates along with a long list of impressive facts and figures, that include the monitoring of 8500 fire extinguishers on the Microsoft network.

Darrell made it clear that Systems Integrators (SI’s) are the keys to the vast number of large deployments (titanic opportunities) that need to be done as soon as possible. Yet, the SI’s seem to be reluctant. According to Darrell, “The greatest threat and competition to the SI’s are themselves, not taking action. And the greatest limiters are people, not technology.” Darrell is a nine year veteran of Realcomm.

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  1. I use to monitor 90 plus facilities on there HVAC systems and when we had power spike it would shut down air handler units. Alarms would popup on my computer screen. I had our EMS systems setup to e-mail the HVAC tech in the area of the alarm. We had 20 Ice Plants that if they failed to make ice. We paid a fine to the power company. We had 6 different EMS systems that kept us on our toes.

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