Product Review: Functional Devices Relay Rewind

Need training on Functional Devices Products? Probably not, in that Functional Devices, with their really cool portfolio of products, including the RIB Relay, are intuitive and easy to use. But just in case, we are posting a Rewind of a Functional Devices Luch and Learn held at Stromquist & Company
lasts a while, so grab a cold drink and plan on spending the next half an hour and get educated by the wonderful Angie Jarvis on how Functional Devices can make your control life easier.
If you use Functional Devices we want to hear about it in comments. Also, please email this post to your friends by clicking the last button ( “email this”) above the about author box.

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2 Responses

  1. I have used RIB Relays and they work very nicely. You need to have a couple on your Truck. You will be happy you did when your on a call and need one.

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