Win $50 dollars from ACI for best nickname

Who has the best nickname in the HVAC Industry?

ACI is having a contest for the best nickname in our industry. Do you have an installer, parts counter person, sales person, secretary, and so forth that are so unique that their original name just wouldn’t cut it? If you do, send us their nickname. We will enter the top names on our web site to see how your peers vote and we will enter every entry into a drawing for a $50 gift card.

We have researched some nicknames from the ACI sales staff, and here’s the short list:

Barry “Big Bear” Gordon
Travis “The Enforcer” Phillips
Travis “Stone Cold” Haas

Check for additional nicknames, the poll, and the final winner will be picked at random on July 1st. We need your name and contact information as well to accompany your submittal.

Thanks again for being our customer, and we hope all is well.

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