The Simple Side of Power: The Sarah Connor Control Chronicles

Power. Functional Devices Enclosed 550 VA Uninterruptible Power Supply is a great, simple, reliable product.

Salt. Salt is simple, too.  Aside from the cute little pouring spout, what can you really say about salt?  When I go to the store to buy salt, I don’t need to read the nutrition notes, or the fine-print ingredients.  Iodized or not.  That is just about the only unique feature separating the products.  Salt is a simple product.

My old washing machine used to be simple, with two knobs; one for temperature and one for load size.  Now even my smart son John can’t do the laundry in my fancy new front-loader unless I put little numbered sticky notes next to all the buttons that need to be pressed in sequential order.  My washing machine has a “play/pause” button! Really? What happened to simple?

While I’m on a roll here, what happened to the simple Facebook?  Do we really need all these features?  There’s a good reason why so many folks have switched to Twitter and Instagram.  Just give me a rolling list of what everyone is doing.  Don’t make me think or choose. Give me SIMPLE!

Simple is good, especially when it comes to something like power.  I’m Sarah Connor, beamed back here from the future to save the planet from the evils of energy inefficiencies, and in today’s edition of the Sarah Connor Controls Chronicles, we are focusing on a simple, reliable product to keep the power flowing.  Remember that I have seen the future, and power is not something to take for granted.  In 2012, you flip a switch, and with the exception of a sweltering heat wave or a bad storm, you expect that power will flow like salt – simple and necessary, but totally dependable.  (Enjoy it while it lasts, Planet Earth… remember that I have friends from the future that are aghast at the power-hungry complacency of your time in history!)

But what if you are prepping for open-heart surgery?  Let’s hope that the hospital is prepared in the case of power service interruption.  All of a sudden, power is not a simple concept.  This is the salt that separates life from death.  And that is when I started thinking about the Functional Devices Enclosed 550 VA Uninterruptible Power Supply.  I like this product.  It is simple, but when your building needs it most, it is there for you.  While you can purchase the board and the encasement a la carte, it also come complete for easy installation, as model PSH550-UPS-STAT.

Just hardwire line voltage to the provided UPS, and then hardwire the UPS to the final load. Two status outputs are included: one for line voltage and one for UPS status. This makes for a much cleaner and neater use of a UPS, keeping the equipment off the floor and cords neatly tucked inside the enclosure. No more mess!  I like that!

If you prefer the a la carte approach, a track-mounted interface board may be ordered separately as model PSMN2C2RB10, so it can be used with any commercial UPS with appropriate ratings for the circuit breaker (1000VA).  An extra 120 Vac outlet is provided along with a 10 Amp circuit breaker on/off switch.  It is so simple to test the functionality of the UPS.

So keep it simple.  Choose this great UPS solution from Functional Devices, and choose Stromquist as your full-support supplier.  It’s a simple solution for our power-dependent planet!

(And Clint… I’ve seen the future, and the whole reason why TV remote controls have become so complicated is because women know that men will never read the instructions. Ah, the simple concept of POWER! Be careful.  Secretly, women are making thermostats more complicated in an attempt to control temperature, too!)


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4 Responses

  1. Sarah,
    Nice work! Straight forward and effective solution. Oh, and let’s keep it fair with the remotes and thermostats… I’m just saying…

  2. Yep, Clint! But where were you this weekend when I was installing a big, heavy ceiling fan? Reading the instructions can only get me so far!

  3. Nice write up Sarah

    With today’s Control integration at a high cost, I would think about UPS being a must have item. If you have a PC plugged into a wall and not into a UPS, then your asking for trouble. Power company’s are having a hard time keeping up with the current summer heat load. Then there’s the ninja attack power squirrels taking out jacks on the power poles. We need some of Sarah T3 terminators to guard the power lines.

    UPS its simple

    If that don’t work, then salt and some tequila and have a nice day watching the squirrels run up and down the power lines.

  4. You are so right, Dozier! UPS is a must-have! And since I have seen the future, I know that this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to rolling power outages! Salt and tequila… now that’s what secretly fuels the T3 terminators!

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