Q & A : Honeywell Web Vision Controller

Q.  Hello, I have  a webvision Controller and can no longer log into my webvision controllers. Was the webvision controller hit with the same JAVA issue as the rest of the tridium line up? If so, what course of action can I take? If not, what is the recommended course of action?

A. Yes unfortunately the Webvision and Webstat products are both affected by the wbApplet issue.

The product managers are aware of the issue and are aware that people are waiting for a solution.

The only work around right now is to use a previous version of JAVA such as JAVA 6 update 45 or JAVA 7 update 17.

 See the link below, select the version for the OS you’re using.  You can uninstall the “new” version via control panel.  Make sure you delete out your cookies in your browser.


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  1. I have 5 Webvision controllers connected to 5 warehouses using Hydronic controllers to control Unit Heaters and Infrareds Heaters My issue is with the last Webvision installed approximately 18 months ago has no Heart Beat Looking for something anything that can be used to take the place of the Webvision Controller as I was informed is no longer available Any information would be greatly appreciated Thank You

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